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Virtual Services

Businesses are not created equal. What one business needs, another may not. Together we will design a package that is customized to YOUR business, so you only pay for what you need.


Your bookkeeping services package will be customized to your business. Below details some options that are available:

• Set-up your books onto online software
• Account Reconciliations
• Posting Receipts and Bills
• Posting Revenue
• Customer Invoicing
• Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Maintenance and Reporting
• Receipt and Document Management
• 1099-MISC Filing for Contract Employees
• Payroll (coordinate setup so you can easily pay employees and contractors)
• Personal support (email, text. video meeting)
• Coordination and Communication with your CPA or tax preparer (as needed)


CFO services that provide important financial information about your business.

• Financial Report Preparation and Review
• Year-end Preparation
• Variance Analysis
• Budgeting and Forecasting Assistance
• Additional Management Reporting Options Available
• Audit Preparation Assistance


Historical Clean-up:
Your books have not been maintained accurately. and are incomplete.
• Perform clean-up services for agreed upon period

Historical Catch-up:
You have fallen behind in your bookkeeping just a bit and need a little assistance getting caught up.
• Will get your books caught up so you are back on track

Bookkeeping Software Training:
• Provide training to system software

Bookkeeping Review:
• You handle your own bookkeeping and we will review

Get a fixed rate customized to your business needs.